Elder Trouble In Watchtower Land!!! [Isaiah 66:6]

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Elder Trouble In Watchtower Land!!! [Isaiah 66:6]

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Elder Trouble In Watchtower Land!!! [Isaiah 66:6]

Entitled: They just had a huge meeting.

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So this a follow up to the post I just made a little while ago

I mentioned that my PIMI family didn’t go to the meeting this morning. They were in shock because of the announcement of not reporting time. Well, there's more to the story.

My grandson called back and told me not long after breakfast, several elders and their wives showed up at the house. The father had arranged a meeting with some of the elders in their hall, Plus some elders from other halls.

They were there to discuss not only the announcement of not reporting time but also what they said about WHO IS GOING TO BE SAVED.

My grandson said that they all wanted to make sure that what they heard was actually what they heard and not a mistake.

Here is a summary; Apostates, Disfellowshipped, non-jw relatives, non-baptized persons who didn’t accept the truth.

All have a chance of waiting to see Babylon or False Religion getting destroyed as prove WT has the truth, and at that moment they can repent and be saved and no one should be mad about that.

It’s mind blowing!

All the elders said; “What’s the point of being and elder then?

All the elders at that meeting said they are stepping down in the next few weeks. And they won’t be attending any more meetings, WHAT’S THE POINT!

You can literally wait to see Religion destroyed and still repent and be saved.

Does this mean…...What’s the point of shunning your children who don’t want to be a JW?

Is blood transfusion about to become a conscience matter?

My grandson sent me this video that shows the GB telling everyone who will be saved. It's crazy.

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Here is the link: https://www.reddit.com/r/exjw/comments/ ... e_meeting/


For more detail information on this topic, please see this link: www.yorww.com/rev12.htm

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